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At Victorious Life Church, we prefer partnership over membership because we want each person to get involved in the vision of VLC.  We also believe that every person who entrusts his or her life to Jesus Christ is a member of His worldwide body of believers, known as The Church.

The Bible clearly requires Christ-followers to actively engage and partner with a local gathering of believers, known as a church. VLC, as a local church, expects members to invest their spiritual gifts, resources, time, and money to reach every man, woman, and child through repeated opportunities to hear and see the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We don't want you to make a quick or emotional decision. Please come to our Sunday services for a while, and make sure our vision fits you.

benefits of membership

•  The process of becoming a member leads one to a deeper connection with the church and its leadership
•  Membership expands the number of ministry opportunities
•  Membership cultivates deeper alignment with the vision of VLC
•  Through membership, a person is given a voice concerning the direction of the church 

Please call 724-837-6308 for more information.